Why do You run to me when I’ve failed?
Why do You hug me and call me Your child?
Why are You so good, God?

What have I done to deserve Your care?
Why did You look at me and want me to be Yours?
People come and go, but You, my God, are always with me.

Why are You drying all my tears?
Why do You stay true to me even if I don’t stay true to You?
Why are You so good?

Why can I yell at You and still You won’t turn Your back on me?
Why do You work all things out for my good?
Why do You want to be a Father to me?

Why do You give healing so freely?
Why do You provide for me so generously?
Why are You so good to me, my God?

How is it that You — who is holy and perfect — allowed Yourself to be spit on, beaten and tortured?
How is it that You — my Jesus — carried my punishment?
How can it be that You want to save me?

How can it be, my God? How can it be?

You are not like me.
You never leave me. Never forget me.
You are always faithful. Always.
Even if I don’t always understand everything, I know that You take care of me better than I can imagine.
When I think I’m going under, You catch me.
When I’m about to despair, You comfort me.

I have done nothing to deserve Your love and yet You love me.
I didn’t do anything to deserve Your help and yet You help me.
I have done nothing to earn Your loyalty and yet You are loyal to me.
I haven’t done anything. I gave nothing. And You — yes, You — gave everything for me, my God.
You gave me the greatest gift and I just accept it.

Thank You, my good God. Thank You.

Nobody forced You to be good. Nobody persuaded You.
No, You’re just good. Truly good, my God.
Yes, You are, my God. You are good. And You’re good to me.

Are you saved?

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