Be aware that as a believer in Jesus, you are completely and forever reconciled with God. Your guilt has been once and for all crucified through Jesus on the cross (Colossians 2:13-14). You are the favorite of God, His beloved daughter or beloved son (John 1:12). None of your sins from past, present or future can separate you from God, because Jesus has taken the punishment for all your sins so that you are just before God and for God.

“Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders.” (Deuteronomy 33:12; NLT)

The above statement was made by Moses on the tribe of Benjamin. All who accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord belong to the family of God. And to every daughter and son, all the promises of God which He had already made to Abraham and his descendants are: “And now that you belong to Christ, you are the true children of Abraham. You are his heirs, and God’s promise to Abraham belongs to you.” (Galatians 3:29; NLT) When you read in the Bible promises of the blessing of God to Abraham and his descendants, know that these promises of God also apply to you.

Deuteronomy 33:12; NIV

You are the darling of God. There is no one whom God loves more than you. Even Jesus is not more loved by God than He loves you: “the world will know that … you love them as much as you love me.” (Jesus in John 17:23; NIV)

Do you realize who loves you so much?

You are the incredibly beloved darling of God. Think about who it is that loves you this much. It is the mighty, omnipotent Almighty who loves you. And you live in constant security with Him. He is protecting you. And this is true. Without interruption.

“Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.” (God in Hebrews 10:17; NIV)
It is not God’s fault that man-made religion, which speaks the word of the devil, the old accuser, who persuades man of an self-centered sense of sin and draws the grace-consciousness coming from God into the dirt.

Jesus took the punishment for all your sins and all your transgressions upon Himself. God loves you and shields and protects you. There is nothing left between you and the Almighty … don’t let the doubts and worries the devil puts into your head steal this glorious identity, which you as a believer of Jesus, possess.