If there is one job I wouldn’t want to do, it is the job of a police officer. Not because I don’t value our police, quite the opposite. The police officers in our society do such an important and valuable service that their work can never be appreciated enough. But, at the same time, the protectors and defenders of our freedoms are increasingly exposed to insults, aggression and malicious attacks. I would not want to be a police officer during this growing tribulation. All the more, our policemen and women deserve our appreciation. And our prayers.

Anyone who attacks policemen attacks our value system

Those who are against the police are ultimately against our society and its values. For the police not only protect us physically, but the police also protect the freedoms and rights which are fundamentally guaranteed to us. Without the police, our community would sink into disorder and chaos.

God is a God of freedom and order. The devil, on the other hand, “comes only to steal and kill and destroy” (Jesus in John 10:10 NIV about the devil). • We see a society in which God is pushed aside more and more. An increasing amount of demonic powers then take up the emerging spiritual vacuum. Accordingly increasingly dark, hateful, and brutal things are going on in our society. If it were not the police, it would look even more chaotic.

God hears our prayers

Pray for our police officers: Dear God, I ask for Your protection for all the policemen and women. Keep them from physical and emotional harm. Give them Your inner peace and wisdom, so that they can always do their duty more than well and make no mistakes. Protect not only the police, but also their families from all evil. I thank you for Your help (of course gladly in your words).

Let us also not forget to pray for those who are driven by hate, to violently attack our policemen and women. Dear God, free all those who are seduced by hatred from the influence of evil, and let them realize You as their loving heavenly Father. (Of course gladly in your words)